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Lavender Eye Masks

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This ultimate Eye Mask is lovingly made in Great Britain using the finest silk & velvet. It is filled with lavender to soothe you into a deep sleep.

The benefits of this Eye Mask are:

  • Totally blocks out light! Sleeping in total darkness enhances the quality of your sleep & immunity system. This is because when your brain senses pure darkness, it causes the production of melatonin, the chemical of sleep. In addition to supporting sleep, melatonin also fortifies the body’s defence mechanisms and reduces the chance of health issues.
  • Contains lavender – which possesses positive, soothing & sleep enhancing properties. Simply squeeze/shake the Eye Mask to allow lavender to rejuvenate & increase the aroma.
  • The relaxing lavender aroma soothes & sweetens the air around you
  • The soft velvet ties straps provide for total "I don't know I am wearing it" comfort
  • The ties allow for adjustment - it ensures maximum comfort. Once tied to fit you, just slip on & off.

Internationally acclaimed, these Eye Masks are a favourite of many celebrities around the world, including Catherine Zeta Jones, Jessica Lange, Isabella Rossellini, Salma Hayek, Ralph Fiennes...

A must have at home - & easy to take whilst travelling on planes, trains & when staying in hotels. Also ideal for people who sleep regularly during the day (eg nurses or other shift workers) & anyone wanting darker surroundings due to interruptions (eg outside lights, alarm clock illumination, morning light coming through your curtains etc).

Sweet dreams!


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