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Lavender Eye Pillows

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These Silk Eye Pillows are carefully filled with real lavender & organic seeds.
When worn, it rests on the acupressure points for clarity & calm so it is instantly soothing.
We like to use it to block out light, induce sleep & to silence mind chatter.
Many believe it also relieves headaches, eye-strain, sinus pain & hangovers.
We suggest you try it immediately!


Q: What should I do to preserve the lavender aroma?
A: To rejuvenate the lavender, squeeze & roll the Lavender Eye Pillow between fingers. Do not place the Lavender Eye Pillow into direct sunlight, as this will affect the aroma. Lavender essential oil may be placed onto the silk ribbon but must not be placed directly onto the skin

Q: What are the main properties of the Lavender Eye Pillow?
A: Blocks out the light & applies acupressure, therefore helping you to sleep. It’s a great way to relieve the symptoms of headaches & migraine. Also used to relax at the end of a yoga workout. Try it – it works!

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