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Meili & Grace




Meili & Grace embodies the love of life and family, following a passion with a sense of responsibility, the enjoyment of beauty, the adventure of challenges together, boutique craftsmanship and finding something unique and authentic.

It started 12 years ago when Sherri Ulrich-Crookshanks (the founder of Meili & Grace) travelled to Switzerland with her model/sister to buy particular silk pillowcases after her sister’s modeling agency told her to sleep on a special and particular silk pillowcase that would keep her skin looking like a model. She bought the silk pillowcase and instantly fell in love with the precious silk material and what it did for her skin and quality of sleep.

Still being driven by what she had discovered, some 6 years later Sherri and her husband moved to China (being the top silk manufacturer in the world) searching for the world's most precious silk.

They spent 2 years intensely learning Chinese and the silk making process and the following two years searching and testing for the best silk that matched the Chinese silk pillowcase she bought 12 years earlier in Switzerland, at the recommendation of the modelling agency. They visited China's most renowned silk makers (some of which supply Royalty of other countries). After 4 years, with a lot of help from experts in precious fibers and skincare, they developed a silk unmatched in quality and anti-aging properties. Miele & Grace believe their silk separates them from all the others on the market, and good enough to change the way you think about silk.

About Sanctuaire

Sanctuaire products have seen lovingly sourced from around the world to help you create a space of retreat, rejuvenation and wellness

Sanctuaire is about giving back to yourself.

A time to...
- retreat
- escape
- indulge
- rejuvenate
- revive and
- renew

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